Monday, July 16, 2012

Naan E

An awesome movie from the start , Naan E ( Eega ) impresses audience from age group of 5-50. Excellent story line , beautiful picturisation and screenplay and marvellous creativity + whooping grahichs sums up the whole movie...Sadly the music and background score is not upto the mark .

What impressed me form the start is the way the they have imagined the difficulties a fly may face . I mean who would have thought that a simply fly goes thru such difficulties every day . I was skeptical when i heard that story first but once the movie started i was completely drawn into it. I was sure that the movie was going to be a poor imitation of "BUG's life  " or Bee of hollywood . But Raja Mouli has proved that even Tollywood can do Visual Effects that parallel A Hollywood movie . The graphics was really breadthtaking and excellent to look that after the initial effect I really thought that a Real Fly has acted in the movie ..

Thank god they haven t provided a voice over for the fly or else the movie woud have been such a joke for sure . Samatha looks absolutely gorgeous in the movie ..But at some places she sure lacks some acting ...Nani comes only for first 20 min in the movie and for the rest of the movie he is present in the form of  Naan E...

Sudeep has done a remarkable role in the movie. There was a lot of action for him which I think he had utilised to the limit . He looks awesome in the movie ( Looks + acting ).

Santhanam with same kaatu poochi get up :-)
Santhanam enters into the movie with a stand alone track for him . Even tho he is in the movie only for 5 -10 min , he still makes us to rock with laughter with his one liners and expressions ..That was a real suprise . But I think He only appears in the Tamil version of the movie.


Another important fact of the movie that has to be mentioned is Logical Structure the movie has been built on . I means seriously guys , Tamil people have to learn from these guys as how to take a movie which has iron clad logic. Masala can be good , but even masala movies has some king of weird logic behind them in Tollywood which is absolutely lacking in Tamil cinemas of nowdays ..I can t say particular scenes without giving out the movie . So go and watch for urself...

Sudeep, Samantha and Nani ....
Hats off to Raja Mouli who has brought an awesome idea into picture ...Defnitely a movie which is worth watching in theatre for sure ...Don t ever miss it.
Raj Mouli 

Naan E , a treat to eyes ....

Rating : 9.4 /10


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